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received the 2018&2019

People Love Us

on YELP award!


"Still thriving off of the positive effects of my polarity session

with Sharon Bykerk-Lonergan. Energetic Bliss is amazing and the name speaks for itself, because when I left i was in complete bliss. 

- Koral B. 

"Had an amazing  session today thanks to Sharon Bykerk-Lonergan. 

So proud to have been a part of the training that created such a gifted therapist. I feel rejuvenated. Can't wait for next months session."

~Barbara Needham/Anthem Institute Massage Therapy Director    


I absolutely love Sharon. She's helped me feel better not only physically but emotionally, mentally and spirituality.

She's truly a godsend.      

~Kiana B. 




Sharon is a doll! Instant soul connection.

Beautiful work, I left feeling exceptional after my polarity work. 

Jenny R.  


Thanks so much for last night, again I am humbled and grateful to once again have you work your beautiful gifts of energy healing on me and my sister! There’s no amount of words that can describe how grateful I am—thank you for that and thank you for your kind words, advice, wisdom, your spirit and laughter, it’s medicine for my soul and I truly do believe we were meant to meet—we are just too similar!!!

 Can’t wait until the next session 


Lady Diana

Hi All,

i rarely use this platform; face book, for recommendations, but when i come across something extraordinary i simply must share it. 

For the past year and a half or so, i was so fortunate to work with an amazing woman 

who does Holistic Care for Women (Jikiden Reiki, Polarity Therapy, Crystal Chakra balance

etc...). It completely transformed me.

Sharon Bykerk-Lonergan is extremely gifted, compassionate and will go out of her way to make

You feel Amazing! 

I truly hope You give it a try...Sessions are held in a Serene and gorgeous Mansion...

Shiree K.


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Giving my best friend from Sydney a Polarity session at the Intercontinental Hotel NYC