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"Still thriving off of the positive effects of my polarity session

with Sharon Bykerk-Lonergan. Energetic Bliss is amazing and the name speaks for itself, because when I left i was in complete bliss. 

- Koral B. 

"Had an amazing  session today thanks to Sharon Bykerk-Lonergan. 

So proud to have been a part of the training that created such a gifted therapist. I feel rejuvenated. Can't wait for next months session."

~Barbara Needham/Anthem Institute Massage Therapy Director    


I absolutely love Sharon. She's helped me feel better not only physically but emotionally, mentally and spirituality.

She's truly a godsend.      

~Kiana B. 




Sharon is a doll! Instant soul connection.

Beautiful work, I left feeling exceptional after my polarity work. 

Jenny R.  


Thanks so much for last night, again I am humbled and grateful to once again have you work your beautiful gifts of energy healing on me and my sister! There’s no amount of words that can describe how grateful I am—thank you for that and thank you for your kind words, advice, wisdom, your spirit and laughter, it’s medicine for my soul and I truly do believe we were meant to meet—we are just too similar!!!

 Can’t wait until the next session 


Lady Diana

Hi All,

i rarely use this platform; face book, for recommendations, but when i come across something extraordinary i simply must share it. 

For the past year and a half or so, i was so fortunate to work with an amazing woman 

who does Holistic Care for Women (Jikiden Reiki, Polarity Therapy, Crystal Chakra balance

etc...). It completely transformed me.

Sharon Bykerk-Lonergan is extremely gifted, compassionate and will go out of her way to make

You feel Amazing! 

I truly hope You give it a try...Sessions are held in a Serene and gorgeous Mansion...

Shiree K.


Hi Sharon - I really enjoyed the distant reiki session. I definitely felt the energy moving similar to what I feel when we do a session in person. I could also feel when you stopped too. 

Hope you are doing well and everyone is healthy and safe. I’ll probably set up another session in the next week or two if that works. 

~Natalie L

This is my third review on Yelp about Sharon@energetic bliss. I've known her for over 3 years and she is my go-to person to get my energy flowing when I'm in a funk. I typically like to see her in-person; however, that's impossible now due to the Covid 19 pandemic. 

Thank goodness that Sharon is a master in Distance Reiki. Is that really a thing? Can someone align your energy centers from a distance ? 


I have had several distance sessions with her and I have left all of them feeling energized and lighter. It is amazing, if you are sensitive, you can actually feel where she is working in your body. Chakra magic : -)

I tried something new with her this month, which was a type of distance emotional Reiki, called Sie Hiki Pyschological Treatment. I'd been having some anxiety from being cooped up indoors. 

After working with her on 3-sessions, I have definitely felt anxieties and obsessive thoughts subsiding!

Having this type of healing done safely in the comfort of your own home is so important right now. Sharon is a true gem and you will be lucky if you get to work with her.

~Shamona S.

Hello Sharon,

I wanted to catch you up on myself and Paul and let you know we are both doing well and Paul returned to work and works occasionally on Covid units helping others who went through what we went through.

I wanted to write a paragraph or two on how much the healing sessions you did with us contributed to our recovery and give you our permission to use them on your website as testimonials.I think its important for people to utilize reiki along with their doctors care to heal from this virus.


My husband and I both became infected with covid-19 in late March.  When my symptoms became worse I had a distant reiki session with Sharon.  I could not stop coughing and had a sore throat and full body aches.  Immediately after the first session I could feel a strong difference in my body.  Within an hour I had several bouts of diarrhea and felt like my body was purging the virus.  I felt my immune system "kick in".  I experienced a very calming peace that gave me the strength to fight this awful virus.  I had a second session and I am pleased to say that I recovered extremely fast!  I have a heart condition and my cardiologists were very concerned about me when I informed them I had Covid-19.  In a post Covid telehealth visit, I told them about my reiki sessions and how I began to turn a corner right after my healing sessions.  They were relieved and grateful for Sharon's help!

My husband had a more difficult time.  He continued to get worse and worse and his breathing became labored.  His oxygen levels were going down each day.  His doctor was extremely concerned and doing all he could.   Sharon did an emergency healing distant reiki session with him and the next night he finally turned a corner and began to heal.  He also, felt his immune system finally become strong and fight the virus and although the road was slow, he recovered as well!

It is critical to seek help from physicians but it is also important to strengthen our immune systems and our distant reiki sessions were a very vital part of our recovery.  We are eternally grateful to Sharon and her healing skills and encourage everyone to stay safe and strong and use distant healing sessions to help during this difficult time.  They are truly a blessing!  Thank you and bless you Sharon!

Love Donna and Paul K.


You really helped us Sharon, and we are so grateful for your kindness.  I want to set up another session but cant remember if i still have one paid for or not?  

I hope you are well!

Love Donna

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"My pet Darla, my most precious companion in this life, received distant Reiki from Sharon and benefited greatly. I noticed an immediate change in her disposition and her health. Her mood improved as if she returned to puppy-hood! She was 11 years old at the time!!! Her periodontal disease subsided and even her coat looked healthier the next day! Darla has held onto those benefits and still is as spry! I look forward to scheduling more Reiki sessions for Darla with Sharon as she is one the most focused and gifted Reiki practicioners there are."

~Danielle R.

I have never met a person like Sharon before in my life. Very kind and truly caring. She must be an angel. I asked her to give Distant Reiki to my doggie, Ginger, who has suffered from allergies for 4 years now. She has been to many different veterinarian’ and many changes in her dog foods…all top of the line expensive brands…but no relief.
sharon gave Ginger her distant Reiki about a week ago and I noticed an improvement in a few days. Now a week later the crustiness on her neck flaked off and her ears cleared up. We are both relieved. Thank you Sharon…
Love Diane & Ginger

Giving my best friend from Sydney a Polarity session at the Intercontinental Hotel NYC